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TEL: 203.527.0552   email: cate@catebarryphotography.com

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Hello! I'm Cate.

I am a New Haven-based photographer specializing in weddings, portraits, lifestyle and events. I serve amazing clients in Connecticut and wider New England, as well as Chicago and nationwide.

I've loved taking pictures my whole life, but it wasn't until my own wedding that I realized the power photographers have. My partner is a trans man, and as I looked for a photographer to trust with our small, intimate wedding, I found myself having to ask (over and over): are you comfortable photographing a queer wedding? This, in and of itself, was not fun--I should have just been concerned with the photographer's work, their reputation, and their personality. But my primary concern was that we work with someone who would correctly gender my partner, and who would see us (and photograph us) as we see ourselves, rather than impose their own biases or agendas. 

Luckily for us, after some less-than-ideal responses we found an amazing photographer who made us both feel right at home in front of her lens. The experience of being truly seen was incredibly profound for my partner and for me. I realized that our day could have gone very differently if we had gone with someone else, and I know we love our (beautiful) photos exponentially more because of how she made us feel when she took them.


Since then, I've focused on making my clients feel empowered and truly seen when I photograph them--and for making sure all kinds of clients know they will be safe and honored in my presence.  Ultimately, I work with people who love photography but don't necessarily love being photographed--and I've become an expert in making it a fun experience with outstanding results.

My photography style focuses on emotion and authenticity. I favor the candid over the posed, the honesty of the real over the weirdness of attempted perfection. I believe in the magic of photography to capture our lives as we actually live them: full of beauty and roughness, joy and struggle, extravagance and simplicity. 

What my clients can expect

Wedding photography

You will have a calming, knowledgeable presence who GETS and supports you, who watches for tiny moments of human connection and makes sure to capture the big ones. You'll have a photographer who will treat you like a friend and make sure your images are stunning. You'll have exclusive discounts on a gorgeous album filled with emotional moments stilled in time, and you'll have beautiful photographs for your home.

Head shots or portrait session

You will be coached and empowered during your session, and you will feel confident about your online presence, your professional profile or website, your portfolio, author photo, dating profile, and wherever else you're introducing your gorgeous face to the world.

Family portrait session

You will have a super-fun family outing and have someone else wrangle everyone into place. You will wind up with posed portraits everyone is happy with AND amazing candid images that will remind you all for generations how you were at THIS time in your lives. You'll walk away with archival-quality artwork for generations to come.

Who are my clients?

My clients value emotion and beauty in their images over posed perfection. They like photos that look like film, appreciate a vintage/romantic aesthetic, and adore photojournalistic, candid shots. They want to FEEL something when they see their photos, and they want prints and albums that stand the test of time. 

They invite magic and joy into their lives and live in a place of gratitude. They're open to trying things and love being pleasantly surprised by how awesome they look in their pictures!

Does this describe you? If yes, contact me already!